our mission

To develop a local, national and global communications and support network to establish links between government’s policy or schemes & foundation who share Mission for Women’s Welfare’s vision, and to reach women who are socially, culturally and geographically isolated.

The role, status and position of women has not been static through the ages but has actually ranged from what is mentioned to have been one of freedom and a position of importance to the other extreme of considerable subservience. Despite all the official proclamations about empowerment and the numerous government schemes designed to improve women’s economic and social conditions, their present status still shows much cause for concern. Although efforts have been made over the years by the Indian government to empower women socially, economically, and politically, enactment of legislation has been difficult to implement due to the vastness of the country, the wide distribution of the female workforce, lack of education and literacy, and the indifferent attitude of government bureaucracy. Ladli Creations Sansthan was founded with this soul aim to initiate and facilitate such processes and initiatives where socially and economically marginalized women irrespective of age, caste, class or race are able to participate actively in the process of their development so that they are able to lead a life of dignity and respect. Women of India have nothing to say in shaping the economic and political space in which they live. It is imperative that their thoughts and visions, intuitive skills, concrete and effective participation in development, and their deep aspiration for a more peaceful world be considered to help catalyse the will for the transformation of systems and structures into pathways of equality, development and peace. Every change on the planet starts with a new state of consciousness, a new awareness, and a new vision. The main thrust of Ladli Creations Sansthan programs is to create a new development paradigm, which is the result of a new awareness to set the motion for women’s empowerment programs and worldwide culture for empowering women by mobilizing NGOs, governments and the media to spread the women welfare awareness and educate the public at large on effective measures like human right to equality, peace, health care & improved opportunities, protective skills and their right to dignity.